Image of DEL SHORES' "My Sordid Life" and "Sordid Confessions" SIGNED BY DEL SHORES!

DEL SHORES' "My Sordid Life" and "Sordid Confessions" SIGNED BY DEL SHORES!

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With “Del Shores' My Sordid Life”, he turns the table sharing real-life stories that have inspired his writing- and more! Yes, there was a man with two wooden legs, but did his grandmother trip over them and die while having a sordid affair? Did his mother really ask, “What exactly do you do… when you’re gay?” (“Sordid Lives”)? Were prayers really answered and a matching vein found in a vein bank in Baton Rouge to replace his Uncle Humpty’s collapsed one? (“Southern Baptist Sissies”) What relative really shot a policeman in the “saliva gland” and shoulder (“Trailer Trash Housewife”)? What was his aunt’s reaction to seeing herself as the multi-married bar-singer Evalita in “Daddy’s Dyin’”?

Del Shores' "Sordid Confession" After a sold-out 40-city nationwide tour, “Sordid Lives” creator Del Shores just filmed his hilarious stand-up show DEL SHORES SORDID CONFESSIONS at the legendary Rose Room in Dallas, Texas. The DVD for “Del Shores Sordid Confessions” is available for pre-order! Each DVD is autographed by Del… even personalized if want! (When ordering, just put a note to Del in the “Special Instructions” box at checkout!) “Sordid Confessions” will ship no later than April 1st, 2012. (*Please note that any of our free DVD Specials do NOT apply to pre-orders.)